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The king of all sweet Green Thai mangos is the Keo Savoy. Don't be alarmed by it's imperfect outter appearance - which signifies it's maturity. This mango variety has most people eating it while it's still green and crispy, giving it an aromatic nutty mildly sweet flavor. The fragrance and sweetness increases as the mango matures and ripens.


This is the second harvest and mangos have ripen but please keep in mind there may be some remaining tartness. Most mangos we have sampled have sweeten with minimum tartness but we can't guarantee this for every mango. We will try our best to harvest more mature mangos to ensure sweetness.

Keo Savoy - Sweet Green Thai Mango (Popular Green Sweet Mango)

SKU: 1002
  • The king of all sweet Green Thai mangos - Keo Savoy mango. It has a sweet, crispy, nutty, and aromatic taste. 

  • Refund Disclosure:

    We harvest our produce fresh off the tree and ship within 24-48 hours of harvesting. We understand the desire to eat produce fresh but please keep in mind that the produce ripening process starts the minute they are harvested off the tree. We will pack as best as we can to ensure the utmost freshness during shipping but there may be uncontrollable factors that come into play when the produce is shipped and out of our care that may change the appearance or freshness of the produce such as: Lack of climate control while in transit with the shipping carriers, humidity in the shipping box, premature ripening, produce sitting in the sun or in mailboxes after being delivered, etc.


    We will always try to work with you if an order doesn’t turn out as expected. Please see our refund policy for more details.

    We are unable to refund postage as shipping is through a third party and we are unable to control shipping factors, which may delay the quality of your order.

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