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Our Story

Our story started with our parents in the rugged mountains of Laos and us growing up in the refugee camps of Thailand. Our ancestors were always connected to the land - tilling to it and harvesting the fruits of their labor. We grew up eating a variety of tropical fruits on a sparingly basis in Thailand due to being confined behind the wired fences of the refugee camp - which made the flavors so much better and memorable.

Today, we are a family owned farm located in southwest Florida. Our farm started with the dream of planting the same tropical fruits that we grew up eating in southwest Asia. Today, that dream has become a passion that we love sharing with our friends and families. Nothing brings us more satisfaction and pride than seeing the awe and recognition in an individual's eyes when they recognize and taste produce from their native country. after not having eaten them for 10 - 20 years.

We have traveled the world and tried out tropical fruit from all over the world - and we can vouch that fresh is best. We strive to provide the freshest quality produce possible because we know how hard it is to come across fresh tropical produce. There is a different scent and taste to fruit picked fresh off the tree and eaten immediately or even within a few days. It's our hope that our fruit can not only nourish you and bring back those childhood memories of enjoying tropical produce but also help you create new memories.

- The Lee Family

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