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M&M Lee Farm will start shipping mangos to California starting the 2022 tropical fruit season

Californians have asked over and over again and we have been able to grant your request. While M&M Lee Farm has always been able to ship out passionfruit and dragonfruit to California by following certain requirements, we were always unable to ship out mangos due to California's strict USDA regulations.

M&M Lee Farm is proud to announce that we will now be able to start shipping out MANGOS TO CALIFORNIA for the 2022 tropical fruit season! We will have to jump some hoops and take extra steps to ensure we are in compliance with California's USDA regulations but our California followers are worth every extra measure we must take to ensure you are able to enjoy a box of our delicious Florida grown mangos. When you place an order for mangos in the 2022 season, they will go through the California USDA inspection more smoothly and arrive at your doorstep on time and with ease.

This is a great accomplishment for our farm and we look forward to sharing our delicious mangos with all Californians in addition to all our followers outside of California. Please share the news and we look forward to sharing our love of mangos with you in the 2022 tropical fruit season!!!

M&M Lee Farm

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Tom Yadkamol
Tom Yadkamol
03. Mai 2023

When will you be able to ship of sweet thai green mango..?

Gefällt mir
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