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Hello tropical fruit lovers!

M&M Lee Farm wants to make the announcements that the first batch of mango orders is estimated to be shipped to CALIFORNIA on Monday, April 17th.

This will be a trial shipment to get a feel of the shipping process to California and the demand for Florida mangos by our Californian followers.

The process of getting Florida mangos to California is a lengthy task that requires advance planning and lots of paperwork on our end. We work with Florida's USDA department to ensure shipments are in compliance with California's USDA department. There are also additional costs/fees that our farm must cover to enable the shipment of mangos to California.

When a California consumer buys the mangos, you are guaranteed that your mangos will bypass California USDA inspection. Packages won't be at risk of being confiscated by USDA and will be shipped to your home by our shipping carrier due to being pre-certified.

We will be opening advance orders for mangos to California in a few days. We will take regular orders online but can also take wholesale orders shipped via air cargo. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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